Course Description
  Unsolved Cases: Cold Case Analysis Training for Law Enforcement & Prosecutors Online
  The Virginia Center for Policing Innovation (VCPI) and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) have partnered to offer this tuition-free online course designed to enhance the efforts of police investigators and prosecutors to successfully investigate and resolve cold cases.   

This course is designed to:
 - Enable non-scientists to grasp the elements of forensic biology and its implications for solving cold cases
 - Provide a practical foundation in DNA evidence identification
 - Provide the overall knowledge, skills and best practices related to processing previously handled DNA evidence in cold cases.
 - Provide guidance on identifying cases for investigation based upon statute of limitations considerations and solvability factors
 - Review communication basics including verbal and non-verbal communication and impediments to effective communication
 - Provide practical case examples of successfully solved cold cases from the investigative point of view
 - Provide instruction on maximizing successful prosecution of cold cases
 - Offer insight on four key elements necessary for a successful Cold Case Homicide Squad (CCS)
 - Provide strategies for working with and managing the media in high profile investigations

This is an online, self-paced course of instruction that will allow you the flexibility of starting, stopping and resuming the training based on your schedule and the demands of your day.  Although self-paced and designed with the professional practitioner in mind, it is anticipated that successfully completing this course will require you to devote a total of 4 hours exclusively to this training.

"Great course!  We have a multi-jurisdictional team that presents and works cold cases in our area.  I am going to recommend your training at our next meeting.  I hope to see more online training from your organization."

"I started the course last night and finished the course last night - it was like a great novel that you just cannot put down once you started reading it.  The course was excellent."


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